We offer Differentiated and Innovative Solutions for the Industry

UNOTECH appeared in 1997, with the objective of supplying the industrial market with top quality products and with great benefits, both in terms of productivity gains, as well as in lowering costs in a different way.

Recognized for innovation in the market with polyester cartridge filters, UNOTECH diversified its products aimed at the air filtration line, investing in a modern factory of bag filters, with differentiated technology and quality in the market, pleated cards with superior efficiency and a complete line of filter products and other controlling equipment, cages, etc.

Since its foundation, UNOTECH has maintained its focus on generating value for customers, also with high-performance lubricants, enabling productivity gains in numerous applications such as steel, mining, cement, food industry, among others. Also responsible for the supply of MEMOLUB automatic lubricators, AIR SENTRY dessicant breathers, in addition to other world-class products.

With a commercial team trained to understand and respond to the requests presented, the company continues to expand its capacity for innovation in world-class products, whether for small, medium or large companies. Today, with more than 100 products in its portfolio, we offer the ideal solution for industrial needs.


Every day, at every meeting, in every relationship built, we know that our duty is to provide the market with world-class products, backed by differentiated relationships, with a highly trained team, valuing meritocracy, generating value and improving quality. global performance of our customers, ensuring sustainable growth and superior profitability.


UNOTECH markets world-class products for the industrial market that have an impact on increasing the competitiveness of our customers.


  • Customer focus: more than looking at the customer, it is seeing with the customer's vision; concerned with anticipating and meeting your needs, expectations and value attributes.
  • Excellence: more than a product that meets the need. We have the option in world-class processes and products, recognized as the best choice.
  • Autonomy: developing the ability to respond in planning and execution at all levels of service.
  • Performance: we recognize the efforts that generate values ​​and results for us and our customers.
  • People Development: it is the continuous search for the personal and professional development of our employees.
  • Team spirit: we seek in our relationships to work with responsibility and respect.


Partnerships that Transform Your Productivity



O WHITZORB® s a vegetable - based biorremediador that after contaminated with hydrocarbons found in greases, oils, diesel, gasoline, tinner, acetone, among others becomes a biodegradable blend.

WHITZORB® can be found in types A and P.

WHITZORB® A was developed to neutralize acids before cleaning.

WHITZORB® P was developed for the absorption of hydrocarbons in water.



WHITMORE® is a company with more than 120 years of experience with industrial lubricants of different performances that are adapted to the required application environment.

Today it is a reference for the most demanding and severe applications of industries in the global market.



The MEMOLUB® is an autonomous electromechanical lubricator for single point or multi point recognized as the undisputed reference for electromechanical lubricators.
Its ejection pressure reaches 25 bar, covering a range of applications that are not possible with conventional systems.



KATS COATINGS® is a line of protectors and removers developed based on water with 0 VOC.

Its formulations are intended for application in pre-painting, removing protective films, washing industrial floors and aircraft. Protective layers include several applications, such as for the automotive, commercial, construction and agriculture industries.

Air Sentry

Air Sentry

In any reservoir that contains fluids or semi-solids, the air moves in and out depending on the variation of the fluid level, or on thermal expansion and contraction. Fluid contamination is the main cause of component wear and lubrication failures in industrial equipment.

Air Sentry breather filters replace conventional breather, supply nozzles or reservoir breather tubes. They are easy to install due to the various adapters designed for the most different applications.

When the fluid level drops in a reservoir, a pressure variation occurs, and the outside air is sucked in through an opening in the breather cover. First the air passes through a 2 micron solid particle filter. Then it passes through a diffuser, to optimize the efficiency in the silica gel chamber. In the sequence, the water vapors are removed while the air passes through a silica gel medium, the best adsorbent available today. After dry, the air passes through a second 2 micron solid particulate filter and enters the CLEAN and DRY reservoir.